Latest Updates
S.NoModule NameSubjectDate
1 OrdersAndCirculars O.M. regarding introduction of SPARROW in respect of CCAS cadre officials 31-May-2021
2 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No.4 dt 3rd May 2021 Shri J.N.Koli Sr.AO posted in the PFMS Division as PAO. 12-May-2021
3 OrdersAndCirculars Shri Ankit, DEO has been test positive for COVID 19 16-Apr-2021
4 OrdersAndCirculars Shri Durgkesh Kumar, AAO tested positive for COIVD 19 16-Apr-2021
5 OrdersAndCirculars OM for training 09-Apr-2021
6 EAT OM regarding online training of Eat Module to be held on 9th April, 2021 06-Apr-2021
7 OrdersAndCirculars Office Order No. 01 - relieving order in r/o Sh. Madhur Bain, Sr. Acctt. 01-Apr-2021
8 OrdersAndCirculars O.M. Introduction of SPARROW CCAS cadre officer/officials-reg. 11-Mar-2021
9 OrdersAndCirculars OM Master Trainers Exam 09-Mar-2021
10 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No.50 Additional Charge of officers in Training Vertical of PFMS Hqrs-reg. 08-Mar-2021
11 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No.47 Constitution of Local Purchase Committee in PFMS Hqrs.-reg 01-Mar-2021
12 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No. 46 Introduction of Sparrow, eHRMS FOR CCAs cadra 01-Mar-2021
13 OrdersAndCirculars OM SOP FOR PROCESSING FILES 10-Feb-2021
14 OrdersAndCirculars O.O no. 42 Smt. Niti Rastogi, Sr.AO relieved to Min of Water Resources 05-Feb-2021
15 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No. 41 Shri R.K.Bhatt, Sr.AO on attachment to PFMS is relieved to Min. of Finance. 02-Feb-2021
16 OrdersAndCirculars TRAINING 01-Feb-2021
17 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No. 40 Joining Order of Shri Vinay Sahrawat 25-Jan-2021
18 OrdersAndCirculars O/o CGA Circular No. 1535-1538 dt. 12.01.2021 22-Jan-2021
19 OrdersAndCirculars Office Order No. 36 Re-allocation of work of AAOs. 22-Jan-2021
20 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No.34 Shri Kulesh Kumar Choudhary, AAO is relieved from his duties w.e.f 20.01.2021(A/N) on temporary basis with the direction to report at the Budget Division, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Delhi 22-Jan-2021
21 OrdersAndCirculars Submission of Immovable Property Returns as on 01.01.2021 for the year ending 31.12.2020 by all officers/officials/staff of PFMS HQ 13-Jan-2021
22 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No.31 Joining Order of Shri Sunil Sharma, AAO 12-Jan-2021
23 OrdersAndCirculars .O No. 28 Transfer of Smt. Anjna Pathak AO 08-Jan-2021
24 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No. 24 Relieving Smt. Suman Bala, AAO to report to Ministry of External Affairs 05-Jan-2021
25 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No.23 dt.21.12.20 Relieving of Shri Dharamveer, AAO 31-Dec-2020
26 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No. 22 Joining of Shri Rajeev Ranjan,A.A.O vice Shri Dharamveer, A.A.O 31-Dec-2020
27 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No. 19 Implementation of e-HRMS in the Department of Expenditure_reg. 31-Dec-2020
28 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No 18 Joining order of Rajeev Kumar Gera, Sr. Accounts Officer 31-Dec-2020
29 OrdersAndCirculars O.O No. 14 dt. 14.10.2020 Authorized signatory for issuance of identity certificate, NOC etc. for issuing of passport -reg. 31-Dec-2020
30 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar for November, 2020 18-Dec-2020
31 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar for October, 2020 18-Dec-2020
32 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar for September, 2020 18-Dec-2020
33 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar for August, 2020 18-Dec-2020
34 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar for July, 2020 18-Dec-2020
35 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar for June, 2020 18-Dec-2020
36 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar for May 18-Dec-2020
37 OrdersAndCirculars training calendar 18-Dec-2020