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Scholarship for College and University Students

Title Scheme Information
Name of Scholarship Scholarship for College and University Students
Qualifying Level XII (From Top 20%)
Process of selection  From top 20% on the Basis of the results of senior secondary examination, 41000 Girls and Boys total 82000 are selected from each of State boards
Scholarship Period  
Scheme Administration Dept  
Amount The rate of scholarship are Rs. 1000/- at Graduation level for the first three years of College and University courses and Rs. 2000/- per month at Post-Graduation level. Students pursuing professional courses would get Rs. 2000/- per month in the 4th and 5th year. The scholarships would be paid for 10 months in an academic year.
Frequency of Payment  
Processing Authority  
Payment Authority  
Restriction Age group of 18-25 year
Condition for Continuance subject to annual renewal on the basis of stringent criteria.
Eligible institutions
Parental Income Criterion Family less than Rs.6 lakh per annum
Scheme Web-Site Reference http://mhrd.gov.in/scholarships


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