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National Scheme of Incentive to Girl Child

Title Scheme Information
Name of Scholarship National Scheme of Incentive to Girl Child
Abbreviation NSIGC
Qualifying Level Passing Class VIII
Process of selection  All Girl Child from SC/ST Passing  Class IX//All passing  Class VIII from KGBV 
Scholarship Period 2 Years
Scheme Administration Dept Dept of elementary Education(HRD)
Amount Rs.3000/- Once
Frequency of Payment Rs.3000/-Once
Processing Authority State Through districts
Payment Authority Program Division through PAO (HRD)
Restriction Amount paid after attaining age of 18 Years and 2 years of continuance in School after getting admission in IX, Passing X Class Examination
Condition for Continuance  
Eligible institutions Govt/Local Body/Govt Aided Schools
Discontinuance Forfeiture is condition not fulfilled
Parental Income Criterion ------
Scheme Web-Site Reference  


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