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Government Integrated Financial Management Information System-GIFMIS:

Government Integrated Financial Management System-GIFMIS

Budget Control and Management:

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Provides real-time monitoring of budget execution through capturing of DG and DDG in the system.

In addition to internal budgetary control module in PFMS, automated linkages with Union Budget Information System (UBIS) of Budget Division, DEA has also been established.

Treasury Payments and Exchequer control:

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Centralized treasury payments ‘Just in time’ through various electronic payment instruments, to its stakeholders – Vendors, employees, Grant in Aid releases to States and Implementing Agencies.

Vendor management and bank reconciliation

E-bill system: Launched on 3rd March 2022 on occasion of 46th Civil Accounts Day is an end to end digitization of payment process flow which is faceless-paperless payment system by allowing suppliers and contractors to submit their claim online which will be trackable on real time basis, reduce bill payment cycle and effective audit trails.

Receipt management:

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Efficient and automated handling of the inflow of funds (Direct taxes, Indirect taxes, Nontax receipts) into the treasury, ensuring accurate revenue recognition, and maintaining a transparent financial record.

Debt management and Accounting:

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Captures Internal and external debt and provides a comprehensive debt management module that enables tracking and reporting of loans disbursal and interest payments, loans for investments, marketable and non-marketable securities and other financial instruments.

Cash management:

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GIFMIS handles TSA (Treasury Singe Account for Autonomous Bodies) and CNA – Model 1 (Central Sector Schemes having annual budget outlay of more than 500 crores) and payments by IAs through these modules.

TSA enabled Just in Time (JIT) release of funds so as to minimise the cost of borrowing and to prevent idle parking of funds in subsidiary accounts after release from the Consolidated Fund of India.

SNA SPARSH is a major cash management initiative for Centrally Sponsored schemes introduced as an alternative fund flow mechanism for CSS funds through an integrated framework of PFMS, State IFMIS and e-kuber platform of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Asset Management:

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E-Asset module developed by GIFMIS for recording, verification, asset transfer and monitoring of physical assets throughout their life cycle.

Employee Payroll module:

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Handle employee payroll functions, ensuring timely and accurate salary disbursements in EIS module.

Internal Audit Online System:

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Designed to facilitate and streamline the internal audit process, enabling auditors from Ministries/Departments to assess the financial controls, processes, and compliance with policies and regulations.

Financial Reporting:

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Provides real-time updates as a DSS (Decision Support System), as the system automatically updates the financial reports, ensuring that the users have access to the most current financial information.

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